As a young boy growing up in a small town in eastern Ohio my mother taught me how to draw and instilled in me a deep interest and passion for art. With her encouragement and help I kept at it and my skills developed. In 1969 I Enlisted in the U.S. Navy and found a career that I really loved. Like the slogan says “Join the Navy, and see the World”. That’s just what I did. My worldwide travels gave me the opportunity to see many different cultures each with a unique art style and wonderful local artworks. In each country I visited I learned and studied their art style and techniques.

In 2003, after 30+ years in the Navy I retired and with my wife, relocated to Durango Colorado. We love the mountains and the areas great skiing, mountain biking and active local art community.

I had been introduced to cutting gemstones by a very good friend and have been enjoying cutting and faceting gemstones since 1986. I completed a GIA Certified gemologist training and began to learn how to set and mount all the stones I was cutting. A jewelry hobby was launched and I worked hard at learning all the jewelry trades.

After relocating to Durango, my best friend encouraged me to try my hand at silver engraving. He is a Master Leather Craftsman who designs and creates custom leather belts and holsters. And he needed custom silver to embellish his work. (JTLLeatherworks.com). I was familiar with gravers from setting gemstones and I started studying engraving. In 2005 I trained with Diane Scalese at the GRS school in Emporia Kansas. After that my skills grew exponentially and I specialized in western bright cut engraving. Later I branched out into other styles and forms of engraving.

I am a member of the Firearms Engraving Guild of America (FEGA).

My wife Barbara and I live on our ranch in the Colorado mountains with our sheltie dog – Lucky.